Catalog Drop 8

Catalog Drop 8

July 18, 2023

We hope you’re strapped into your beach chair today, because this drop features some action that will blow you away:

  • 🚀 Gun Trails, a heart-pounding, buttery-smooth, bullet-hell shooter that pushes the Playdate to its technical ceiling, while testing the limits of your reflexes. Read more about its creation! Made by Yoyogi Games.
  • 👻 Possessions, where you play as a restless spirit body-snatching poor, unsuspecting normals. Made by Moonbeam Games.
  • 📻 Kicooya MP3 is a music player for Playdate, including a 5-band parametric equalizer and customizable UI A retro beauty! Made by Abeno Studio.
  • 🪙 CodeWordPlay is a word puzzle game where you crack a series of four-letter codes over more than four hundred levels! Made by Mike Suszek.

Grab these on your Playdate, or visit Catalog on the web.

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