Catalog Drops for September 2023

Catalog Drops for September 2023

September 29, 2023

Fall is here, and with it, three new game drops (“drops” are similar to “falls”). Look at all these lovely titles:

  • 🏀 Quantum Phantom Basketball, a basketball-fighting game set in a cataclysmic high fantasy New York City. Made by BRENDA ARTS.

  • 🏴‍☠️ Life’s 2 Short: Unhooked, a point-and-click-lite adventure about a ghost, a pirate, and four wayward wives. Made by Pixel Ghost.

  • 🌓 Halfway to Dawn, a hybrid shooter and narrative game requiring strategy, reflexes, and some luck. Made by Cyberleaf Studio.

  • 🟥 Four Corners, an energetic puzzle game about making rectangles. Made by Scenic Route Software.

  • 🔑 The Keyper, an adventure game about a strange building and all its strange inhabitants and happenings. Made by Cool Lemon Club.

  • 🏓 Doink!, a paddle game all about a huge variety of paddles. You think you know paddles? Think again. Made by Mostly Bits.

  • 🛸 IFO, a shoot ’em up where a lone airplane fights off a UFO invasion. Made by Total Battery.

  • 🔢 Slitherlink PD, a logic puzzler with Minesweeper vibes. Made by Sp*ecial Games.

  • 📉 Pulse, a stripped down action-puzzle where you race the clock to exit the level before it crushes you. Made by Andrew Palmer.

  • 🔔 Resonant Tale, a Zelda-like adventure with a huge and charming world, a catchy soundtrack, and hours of gameplay. Made in Pulp (!!) by Orange Thief Ltd.

  • 🕵️‍♂️ Pulpergeist, a classic point-and-click adventure game about a mysterious manor and a missing child. Made in Pulp by Crandaddy.

  • ➡️ You Cannot Go Back!, a quick-to-play test of your memory, skill and reflexes. You literally cannot go back. Made by Tim Martin.

  • 🐰️ Pikki Rikki, about a bunny that just can’t jump. Made by cole+ games.

  • ⚙️ Crankshaft, where you control a bouncing ball amidst the intricate machinery of a crankshaft. Made by Toobuu.

  • 🏰 Castle Tintagel, an Arthurian nostalgic retro action platformer. Made by Pixelated Opus LLC.

Check these out on your Playdate, or visit Catalog on the web.

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