Catalog Drops for October 2023

Catalog Drops for October 2023

October 24, 2023

You know what goes well with a comfy reading chair and a mug of hot apple cider? A tight collection of excellent Playdate games.

  • 🔡 Sketch, Share, Solve, a fully-featured nonogram puzzle. Yes, you can construct your own puzzles and share them with friends! Made by RDK.

  • 🐜 Lillybug, where fireflies take on termites and collect whirlygigs—classic video game stuff. Made by Scenic Route Software.

  • 🏝️ GlagStone, a resource-manager game set on a mysterious island. Made by vtr0n.

  • 🏰 Quest for the X, a beautifully drawn, classic adventure where you play a Knight Templar during the final days of the order. Made by intellikat.

  • 🌏 Hana, a glorious, 1-bit, Pulp-made action adventure about exploring a post-apocalyptic Earth. Made by KINGOFSHIBUYA Ltd.

  • 🧪 Tau, a futuristic, rotary 3D shooter, taking full advantage of the crank, with a super good soundtrack. Made by Gareth Williams.

  • ⛵️ Reelistic Fishing, an action-packed fishing sim, with lots of upgrades, story, and humor. Made by ToadleyUnderControl.

  • 🚇 You’re Gonna Miss The Bus!, an endless runner capturing the timeless experience of being late for the bus. Made by Scenic Route Software.

  • 🎈 Blocky Balloons, A sokoban-style puzzle game where blocks are the obstacles and balloons are the rewards. Made by Brando.

Check these out on your Playdate, or visit Catalog on the web.

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