Catalog Drop 5

Catalog Drop 5

June 6, 2023

Five new titles today, covering a wide gamut of types and styles. Look:

  • 🐍 Snoik! is a snake-like arcade game with a unique and trippy first-reptile perspective. Made by Ash K, Published by
  • 🤖 Shift, a deceptively simple match-four game guided by SAM-Y the droid. Made by Scenic Route Software.
  • 🔼 PlayDaPon, an intense version of the classic match-three puzzle. Made by Lonely Star Software.
  • Playtime, a collection of fifty fun clocks, screen savers, and fidget toys. Made by Adams Immersive.
  • ☕️ The Barkless Doctrine, an interactive comedy novel where YOU choose how to avoid dealing with the apocalypse. Made by Neven Mrgan.

Grab your Playdate and snag some new games, or check out Catalog on the web.

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