Catalog Drop 2

Catalog Drop 2

April 25, 2023

It’s that time again—we’ve got more excellent games in Catalog. Check your Playdate or head to our website and grab these new titles:

  • ☕️ A Balanced Brew, the world’s premier combination of unicycling and espresso, from Robert Curry.
  • 💥 Shining Gadget and Shadow Gadget, a pair of creature-collecting idlers where you capture g-g-ghosts?! From
  • 🟪️ Skwish, a charming and challenging puzzle from Pawprints.
  • 🫧 Bub-O Collect, a romantic bubble-shooting puzzle from Gabboco Games.
  • 🖼️ ART&.. More, a unique 1-bit art gallery filled with pixel masterworks and action games, from Ledbetter Games.

Catalog keeps growing thanks to our incredible developers. We’re super excited to see their creations, and for you to play them as well!

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