Our first-ever Catalog sale starts now

Our first-ever Catalog sale starts now

March 4, 2024

Catalog is one year old (if you can believe it) — and to celebrate, we’re hosting an anniversary game sale! More than 100 incredible Playdate titles have discounted their titles from March 7 until March 14. Head on over to the store on your Playdate, or on the web, and grab ’em while they’re hot ’n cheap!

Illustration of a carousel made from Playdate game art. Text: Catalog Anniversary Sale 2024, March 7, 10 AM–March 14, 10 AM PT. 100+ games on sale.

P.S. You should update your Playdate and Catalog first — just go into Settings > Games and check that you’ve got the latest version of the app! This will ensure the best sale experience, and add some nifty new features.

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